Richmond, Virginia – Høly River


The James River is the reason for Richmond’s existence, and yet, in the 1970s it was one of the most polluted rivers in the country. We meet the activists, organizations, and scientists that transformed it from a D- to a B+ with hard work, perseverance, and art.
Høly River is an experimental folk rock band composed of partners Laney and Jameson who leverages their music and art to communicate a message of balance in the bedlam of modern life. Laney and Jameson take us on a journey through the Richmond parks system to see, first hand, the value of the James River watershed.
The James River Association is a well organized group of full time activists, ecologists, educators, lawyers, environmental evangelists and river keepers that have fought for the vitality and health of the river for decades. They take us on a tour of their beloved James.
The sturgeon whisperer may have a PHD and decades of experience, but Matt Balazik mostly wants to talk about fish sex… or reproduction rather. Matt and his brother grew up on the James and have spent most of their adult lives tracking and researching the resurgence of Sturgeon – the amazing fish that survived the meteor that killed the dinosaurs but was almost wiped out by humans.
We close off the episode with a round table discussion at Hardywood Brewery about why the river is so important to the communities it touches… not the least of which is that it provides clean water to make the beer we’re drinking.