Nashville, Tennessee – Growing Pains


When most people think of Nashville, they think Country Music and now, regrettably, bachelorette parties. But locals know with a little effort, you can find more than honky tonks and pedal taverns. We meet some of the people making space for “off brand” music and art. From Jack White’s Third Man Records to LoveNoise promotions, we dive into the other side of music city.
We get a tour of the musical equivalent of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory – Third Man Records. Although we can barely wrap our heads around the sheer number of things they actually do, their mission is clear. Create a home for the wild, the unique and obscure fringes of music past and present.
Eric Holt and AB Eastwood join us in the Blue Room venue at third man to discuss the role black and brown music plays in the new nashville. Eric has decades of experience navigating the Nashville scene as a promoter and is helping to make musical space for young artists like AB Eastwood who are pushing the limits of what music city means.
Who better to shed light on the changing landscape of Nashville than a cadre of independent media writers, producers, and cultural critics. We talk to folks from the newly created NPR sister station WNXP radio station and writers and contributors from the alt weekly paper – the Nashville Scene.