Cocoa Beach, Florida – The Overview Effect


If travel changes you then traveling to space changes you completely. In this episode we explore the overview effect, in which people who travel to space develop a new perspective on what it means to call Earth home. We meet the educators, entrepreneurs and rocket scientists taking the next generation of men and women into the cosmos
We meet Jane and Tabor who founded the start up Space Perspectives with the intent to facilitate as many people experiencing the overview effect as possible. They hope to achieve this with high altitude balloons that ascend into the stratosphere and change their passengers’ lives.
Janet Ivey of Janet’s Planet and Explore Mars teaches us about space – the gateway drug to science. She expounds the critical role of space education in the next generation of explorers as humanity strives to go beyond our pale blue dot.
We travel to Kennedy Space Center to explore the ultimate journey through NASA’s Artemis mission. The first manned mission to the moon in over ½ a century and humanity’s stairstep to Mars.