Cape Canaveral, Florida – Space Force, Go for Launch


The Good Road goes to Space! Well, almost, we go to Cape Canaveral Space Force Station to learn about the critical role of the newly created Space Force. From national security to every single rocket launch, Space Force Guardians are here to serve. We also discover the surprising roles they play in our everyday lives.
Rocket and Missile Museum Director Jamie Draper takes us on a journey through the nascent stages of the space program to show us from whence we came as we embark on becoming an intergalactic species.
We meet Guardians from the newly created Space Force to understand the critical role they play in protecting the infrastructure 100 miles above us that we use every day. We learn about the important role Space Force plays in the private public partnership that has made rocket launches a weekly event in sleepy Florida.
Media operations Director Heather Scott gives us the rundown on an impending Falcon 9 launch from our forward position less than 2 miles away.