Chiang Mai, Thailand: Free Burma Rangers


Chiang Mai, Thailand is homebase to an organization called the Free Burma Rangers headed by Dave Eubank. Dave is a fellow alum of The Good Road hosts Craig Martin and Earl Bridges old school, the International School of Bangkok. Craig and Earl’s friendship with the Eubank family extends back generationally for decades. The Free Burma Rangers serve around the world in combat zones, rescuing civilians from the frontlines of conflict and documenting atrocities in places like Myanmar and Syria. But, Dave doesn’t do it alone. His entire family is involved in the work of engaging and helping wounded civilians caught in conflict. Dave’s wife Karen and their three kids Sahale, Suuzanne and Peter all participate in helping out in some of the most dangerous places on the planet. Craig and Earl try to keep up on horseback, working out with all the rangers on the infamous “Ranger Runs” and wading through swamps as they train in Northern Thailand. Helping others in need is usually difficult and can be stressful. But, the work of the Eubank family and the Free Burma Rangers to share love and hope with desperate people presents a new level of complexity and extreme danger.
The work of Free Burma Rangers is active, real time. Currently, they are right in the middle of the struggle between military oppression and the regular citizenry of Myanmar. At great risk to their lives, the Eubank family is proving that love and good can not just survive but even thrive in the middle of evil and injustice.