Mbale, Uganda: Five Years if You’re lucky


There are so many heroes in the world of philanthropy and The Good Road crew learns so much from these heroes. In this episode, Earl Bridges and Craig Martin meet two such heroes in the eastern part of Uganda. Their journey to find them begins in a Matatu that takes them through the Ugandan countryside to a series of geographic gems like the “source of the Nile”. But after a long journey they arrive at their true destination- the Mbale Regional Referral Hospital. Once there, they meet up with an amazing couple, Kathy Bourgoine and Adam Hewitt-Smith, and their daughters Eseld and Lowenna. Despite the fact that Kathy (a neonatologist) and Adam (an anesthesiologist) could be crushing it back in London, UK where they are from, they have decided to live and work in this remote city of Uganda not making a dime from their labors. And contrary to what you might think, they’re not doing it for Jesus. They’re both self-avowed atheists who are simply doing it for the people whose lives they change. They are do-gooders because doing good is the right thing to do. Kathy’s work in the NICU and Adam’s work in the hospital is saving lives, but the work is hard and stressful and takes its toll on their children. Earl and Craig explore Kathy and Adam’s inspiring and at times heartbreaking world and discover all kinds of bizarre, funny, and interesting Ugandan cultural details along the way.


Born on the Edge

Through the development of local partnerships we aim to improve the survival of the world’s most vulnerable newborn babies by: – Providing training for local doctors, nurses and health workers in newborn care – Supporting young healthcare workers involved in international newborn health research – Developing sustainable projects to improve newborn healthcare facilities